From waste to energy eco-friendly-way to dispose of used cooking oil


Do you think your waste vegetable oil is compostable? Waste cooking oil is not decomposable; and should not be added to the compost in your surroundings. You can dispose of cooking oil in various ways in order to maintain the eco-friendly nature of the environment. You should not dump waste cooking in the refuse bin or pour down the drain. Let us look at some of the eco-friendly-ways you can recycle and reuse waste cooking oil. It could be recycled into biodiesel and fuel, you can also take them to a recycling center, and it could be useful in cosmetics industries. You can also mixed it with some grains and nuts and used to feed the birds, waste cooking oil could be added to dogs’ food,   and you can also freeze used vegetable oil and used to make ornaments.

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How we can recycle cooking oil?

olive oil being poured from glass bottle

Used cooking oil is a common food waste, it is produced in our homes` kitchens, and an average house would consume at least 3-5 liters of oil per month.

Most houses throw the remaining of cooking oil through sewages channels, and of course that is not a proper way, because it can cause sewages` blockages, also it costs a lot on the financial side, when it comes to water filtering and treatments operations.

There are several ways to recycle your cooking oil, instead of pouring it down into drains:

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