From waste to energy eco-friendly-way to dispose of used cooking oil


Do you think your waste vegetable oil is compostable? Waste cooking oil is not decomposable; and should not be added to the compost in your surroundings. You can dispose of cooking oil in various ways in order to maintain the eco-friendly nature of the environment. You should not dump waste cooking in the refuse bin or pour down the drain. Let us look at some of the eco-friendly-ways you can recycle and reuse waste cooking oil. It could be recycled into biodiesel and fuel, you can also take them to a recycling center, and it could be useful in cosmetics industries. You can also mixed it with some grains and nuts and used to feed the birds, waste cooking oil could be added to dogs’ food,   and you can also freeze used vegetable oil and used to make ornaments.

  • Cooking oils could be recycled into biodiesel

There are some individuals that use waste cooking oil for their cars and boilers. You can locate them and offer your products to assist them in operating and maintaining their machineries and cars. This process helps convert your cooking oil into energy that could be used in these cars and equipment. However, most of the people involved in this biodiesel production have little or no knowledge of chemistry.

  • You can take your cooking oil to a recycling center

You need to locate a recycling center that could accept your waste cooking oil and take it to them. They have gallons and containers, which they are using to store waste car oil and used vegetable oil.

  • Waste cooking oil is relevant in cosmetics industries

There are so many industries dealing on cosmetics that can easily collect your used vegetable oil in their manufacturing processes. They will convert it to useful components and then, manufacture products like soaps, creams, and other nice commodities.

  • Your used cooking oil could be given to the birds for food

This is one of the best ways you could dispose of your waste cooking oil successfully, and without causing harm to the environment. Take the waste oil and mix with some bird grains and nuts, and put this mixture in an open container and hang in a place where it could be visible to the birds in your garden, or outside the house for the birds to come and eat. This way you have saved the environment and provided a rich food for the birds.

  • Waste cooking oil could be added to the dogs’ food

Most people like to add a little quantity of used cooking oil to the dogs’ food in order to make it healthy and rich for them. This is another way to save the environment.

  • You can freeze waste vegetable oil and make ornaments with them

This is an ideal way to use your waste vegetable oil instead of dumping them in the trash. You could freeze them and use to make ornaments.


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